M&E Engineering      

Our services include, without limitation, the design, documentation and contract administration of the Engineering Services as listed herein:

  1. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  2. Electrical power, lighting, ELV and control systems
  3. Fire protection systems (including fire submission and obtaining fire approval)
  4. Plumbing and drainage systems
  5. High-rise building automation systems
  6. Vertical transportation systems
  7. “Clean-room” facilities
  8. Analysis/Consultancy/Advice
  9. Industrial plants
10. Control, instrumentation and automation systems

Our services also closely coordinate, provide sufficient inputs, incorporate with other Consultants/ Operators/ Specialist’s design or advice for the complete design of the following services:

  a. Smart city/Smart home solutions
  b. Renewable energy and sustainable solutions
  c. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Other Services